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Learn Laravel PHP Framework Building Multi User SEO Blog APP

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Learn Laravel PHP Framework from Scratch while Building Multi User Real World SEO Blog Application from scratch.

You don’t have to spend your entire year and collecting many tutorials to finally be able to CREATE YOUR OWN APP. This course alone will prepare you for that.

By the end of this course you will be able to create complex Web Applications in Laravel on your own with complete understanding and confidence.

I have build this awesome Application for the real World not just for testing and teaching purpose. As a result you get 100% Practical Skill that is essential for you to work as a Professional Laravel Developer.

Weather you want to make a career as a Laravel Developer or want to work on your own Amazing Projects, This course will get you Up and Running in very short time. From the very first section, we will be working on actual project while learning the Fundamentals of Laravel.

Once you start off with this course you will never look back. There will only be Progress Ahead of You.

The Steps described and performed in this course can be used to create any other application, It does not have to be only blog.

Here are some of the Key Concepts you will learn from this course:

Laravel Fundamentals (Route, Controller, Model, Eloquent,

Migrations, Blade, Middleware etc)

Building Multi User Authentication System

Building Blog Application

Blog Draft Publish Trash and Recover Functionality

Implementing tinyMCE WYSIWYG Editor with Image Browser

Implementing best SEO practices

Assigning different roles to users

Administrators, Authors and Subscribers

Users Profile Page

Photo upload and profile update

Flash Messages

Pretty URL for blogs and users

DISQUS Commenting System

Pagination and Search Feature

Admin Control Panel

Restrictions and Permissions

Mass Email to Users

Contact page and Mail Functionality

Login with Facebook

Deploying Application to the Live Server

and Many More Professional Tips and Tricks Throughout The Course

All the lessons in this course are short and precise so that you learn exactly what you need in a short period of time and have fun all along.

Lets start this awesome journey!!

The course is available in UDEMY

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