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SEO Tutorials in hindi part-1

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Hi, friends, this is Harsha from Anshika digital solutions so friends our today’s topic is SEO. In our last video discussed digital marketing. I explained to you what is digital marketing? how can we do it? in digital marketing 1st topic SEO
in this I explained you:-
what is SEO?
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization
it’s a type of digital marketing
it’s free, organic, editorial, natural & on-going process.keywords basic part of SEO.
what are keywords?
it’s words or phrases which viewers are searching on a search engine.
like SEO services in Mumbai.
designer sarees in Mumbai
why we need so?
it increases website traffic
it creates brand awareness
you can expand your business from local level to international level.
you’ll get 75% new customer’s
summary of this video:-
what is SEO?
SEO meaning
SEO full form
SEO services in Mumbai
SEO analysis
SEO site checkup
SEO audit
SEO tools
SEO techniques
SEO analyzer
SEO guide in 2017
SEO software
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